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Seller Details

The seller information section lets the buyers know where the Porsche is located and what type of seller you are – Dealer or Private. Though we ask for your phone number, it is not made public as part of the listing. Be sure to double-check the information in this section.
Ferds garage seller details

Porsche Details

In this section, you’ll be filling out facts about your Porsche. This section will help the buyers get a basic understanding of the car, its VIN number, and its color scheme. There is a section at the bottom where you can include additional highlights such as, “Garage Kept”, “One Owner”, or any other facts you think the buyers will find interesting. Keep in mind, these highlights are meant to be quick bite of information, you’ll have time to expand later in the listing. 
If you have trouble locating any information the form requests, please write – “On request” so buyers know to ask for it later. 
Ferds Garage Porsche Details

Listing Title: 

The listing title is limited to 30 characters so choose wisely. Include the year, the model, and if it fits, a quick fact such as the miles or owner count.
Here are a few good examples:

  • 1956 356B One Owner
  • 1991 911 Carrera 2 Coupe
  • 2015 918 Spyder 500 miles


Ferds garage listing help_1

Short Description: 

The short description is the preview of your ad. On pages throughout the site, the first 25 words of this will appear for buyers to see. So, use those first few sentences to share the important facts.

Here is an example:

  • I am the second owner of this 1956 356B. The was fully restored in 2018 by professionals. The car has 60k original miles on it, and 2,500 since the restoration. 

Vehicle Description: 

The vehicle description is the bulk text of your ad. Use this space to tell the full story of your Porsche. Spare no detail as the buyers want to know about every inch of your car, how often it hit the track, and what awards it has won.

Vehicle Video: 

The walk around video is one of the most important parts of your ad. Buyers from around the world will rely heavily on this video to tell them wether or not your Porsche is right for them. Here is a good example of a walk around video. 


  • Tell us the facts.
  • Keep the camera steady.
  • Ask someone to film with you in the passenger seat. 
  • Film everything!
    • Motor running
    • Cold start
    • Warm start
    • Rev the engine
    • Applying the brakes
    • Doors closing fully
    • Anything else you can show! 

Featured Photo: 

This image is the header to your ad and will be shown around the website and social media. To help your image stand out, make sure it is shot in landscape style (wide, not tall). Get a good angle of your car from the front at eye level. Below is an example. 

Vehicle Photos: 

Everyone loves a good picture, especially of a Porsche!

To make your ad stand our we recommend a minimum of 25 pictures. Make sure the images are not too large in size (under 1MB per image). Below is a carousel of images to represent the pictures you should copy. is currently in beta. Please share any feedback with our team.