1969 Porsche 911 Spec Race Car 3.0


1969 Porsche 911 Spec Race Car 3.0

1969 Porsche non-sunroof chassis

Full cage, runs from rear engine mounts to front a-arm mounts
3.0 motor, boat tailed and polished webs, center-drilled crank, grooved bearing
Factory Porsche CIS Pistons (higher compression of the two available)
Smart Racing valve springs
46mm PMO carbs
Phase 9 mufflers and Megaphones
Smart Racing front mounted oil tank
Oil coolers in nose and fender
915 transaxle w/spool
Wevo shifter
Solid engine and trans mounts
Smart Racing re-valved Bilsteins, raised front spindles
Smart Racing swaybars
Factory 23/31 torsion bars
Elephant Racing front A-arm brass bushings
Front & Rear 304mm vented discs with 4 piston Outlaw 4000 Series calipers
Cockpit adjustable proportioning valve
Brake fluid reservoir in cockpit to monitor fluid level
22 Gal Fuel Safe endurance cell, 2013 bladder
Full halon fire system
Lightweight Odyssey battery
Lexan rear and side windows
Rear seat removed, removable panels allow access to engine/trans from inside car
Front splitter
IROC rear wing with 1 Wicker
Fuchs (7’s/8’s) 245/45/16 & 225/50/16
Kirkey road race seat
Momo wheel
Racequip window net, 5 point harness exp 2017
Safety Solutions center net
Forced air helmet fan
DL1 data logger
Extra ballast for weight management per spec
NASA Log Book

CarColor: Blue/Orange CarPreparedBy: self EngineBuiltBy: self TransBuiltBy: self CarHasRacedInToyoCup: YES CarYear: 1969
FrontGlass: glass Back: lexan SideGlass: lexan WingStyle: IROC
AirDamDoesNotStickOut: YES SponsorDecals: YES ClassDecals: YES
ThrottleStop: YES EngineSize: 3.0 PistonsAndCylinders: 3.0
InductionSystem: Webers WeberSize: 46mm ExhaustSize: 1.5 Bore: 90Stroke: 74.4 CompressionRatio: 9.3:1 StockRods: YES IntakePortSize: 39 IntakeValveSize: 46 ExhaustPortSize: 35 ExhaustValveSize: 41.5 CamType: SC SinglePlug: YES TransType: 915 RingAndPinon: 8:31 firstGearRatio: 11:35 secondGearRatio: 18:32 thirdGearRatio: 22:29 fourthGearRatio: 26:26 fifthGearRatio: 28:23
StockFlywheel: YES stockFrontControlArms: YES StockFrontMountPoints: YES
StockRearControlArms: YES StockRearMountPoints: YES FrontStrut: Bilstein
RaiseSpindle: YES StockRearShockMount: FrontSpringType


  • Spec race car.
  • Extensive build sheet.
  • Toyo race history.


  • Year: 1969
  • Model: 911
  • Mileage: TMU
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Exterior: Blue/Orange
  • Interior: Black/Plaid
  • Title: Unknown
  • Chassis: 119120862
  • Carfax: No
  • COA: No
  • Matching Numbers: Unknown
  • Location: Geneva, NY
  • Party: Dealer

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