1970 Porsche 914-6 Irish Green Luft 5


1970 Porsche 914-6 Irish Green Luft 5

As much as I hate to do it, and know I’ll likely regret this sometime in the future as I have with some other favorite prior cars, I’m putting my Irish Green six up for sale. I have another six (conversion) almost done and I already don’t drive this one enough. I really can’t justify two sixes, especially now that I have two kids and zero “fun cars” that we all fit in.

Price is $95,914. I’m not in a hurry to sell and am happy to continue to enjoy driving it myself. It is amazingly fun to drive, balanced, solid, and great sounding. I prefer a cash sale, but will consider trades up or down. Only high-quality cars considered, and no projects. Am especially looking for any fun/sports cars that will fit 2 adults and 2 kids. Trade candidates include: VW GTI MK1, BMW 2002, Porsche 997 or 991 Coupe/Targa, 1961 Impala, nice 914-4s (I just can’t help myself?!?!), Ferrari 458 (oh well, 1 kid at a time still), and am open to other offers.

I’ve owned 914s for 26 years, have fully restored three, and this is the sixth 914 I’ve owned. I love 914s and this is a very, very good example and an awesome car. This 914 was one of 10 914s specially selected to be in the “914 circle” at Luft5, and won “Best Original 914-6” at the 2017 914world West Coast Classic.

The car was restored to near concours standards in 2014-2015, and it has been driven about 5,000 miles since, including a 1,100 road trip to Oregon. So its very nice, but not 0 mile fresh and is what any near-perfect car will look like after it gets driven. I also did not restore it 100% correct as I intended to drive it and all changes were made with this in mind and make it a great driving 914 (e.g. Tarrett sway bar, E cams, Bilstein shocks, Bluetooth amp for music).

Other features of the car not obvious from the photos:

- I am the third owner of the car. The first owner owned it for 2 years and drove it very little (from the story I heard). The previous owner (who I bought it from) bought it in 1972 and just got too old for it. That is his then girlfriend (and now wife with adult children) in the linked photos.

- Engine and transmission were both entirely rebuilt at time of restoration (2015) and I have about $22k in receipts from European Motorsports in Vista. This engine rips and runs awesome.

- Car originally came with steel wheels. I have 5 Mahles (for the spare) plus one of the original steel wheels that was the spare. So car comes with 6 wheels.

- Original jack, foot rest, some other small items.

- Added a small Bluetooth amplifier and subwoofer between the seats. Nice to have music for long drives, but easily removable with virtually no trace if you prefer.

- 2 extra gauges hang below the dash. Oil pressure is nice to have and the gauge works will. Cyl head temp gauge is not reliable. Both easily removable with virtually no trace if you prefer.

The car is very nice and pretty original and correct, but I love 914 trivia and am aware many of the things on the car are not perfect. Here is the list of things I could come up with that aren’t “correct”, and if you see others in the photos, please let me know!

- Mahle wheels. These are correct for a 914-6, but this car originally came with steel wheels.

- 185 tires (should be 165 with the Mahle wheels). This is plenty of tire for these cars and this handles great and feels light.

- Original cylinders bored to 81mm, new 81mm pistons. Not 80mm, but heads did not have to be machined. So in theory, someone could go back to 100% original with new P&Cs if they really cared. 81x66 = 2041 cc, so it's still a "2.0".
- "E" cams. Originally had "T" cams, and if someone really cared, this could also be reversed 100%.

- Added later Carrera chain tensioners. Not original, but stupid not to add them (IMO).

- Added front sway bar (Tarrett).

- Bilstein shock and struts. And added threaded collars so car could be corner balanced.

- Porterfield brake pads (not OE).

- Used a reproduction washer pump, not OE. Reproduction looks very close, but is different. I still have the broken original pump.

- H4 headlights, not sealed beam.

- Not OE seatbelts.

- Replaced old interior tar sound deadening with FatMat (Dynamat-like material).

- Replacement carpet is a close match for 914-6 carpet, but not perfect.

- Aftermarket steering wheel and adapter.

- Small triangle headlight plate is plated silver, and should be zinc plated.

- Gas cap is yellow cadmium plated, but should be zinc plated (I think). But it looks better this way IMO. smile.gif

- Power Hershmann antennae (original was manual). Not hooked up to anything, but fills the hole.

- Used black undercoating on bottom of car (original was thin grey stuff). Correct texture, but not grey.

- Euro front and rear tail lights on a US car.

- Removed US side wart. (Personal preference; they are extremely ugly.)

- Several parts powder coated black, but original was black paint.

- Several bolts/washers are yellow zinc plated, and should be yellow cadmium (98% are correct). It is difficult to tell the difference. But I can and is why I've lost many nights of sleep. smile.gif

- Heater tubes from headers to longs are not paper (are strong fiberglass-like material) but work better than the original.

That’s it! Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions!

Encinitas, CA (just north of San Diego)




  • Original Six
  • Restored
  • Matching Numbers


  • Year: 1970
  • Model: 914-6
  • Mileage: Exempt
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Exterior: Green
  • Interior: Black
  • Title: Clear
  • Chassis:
  • Carfax: No
  • COA: Yes
  • Matching Numbers: Yes
  • Location: San Diego , CA
  • Party: Private Party

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